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What is a short term loan?

Short term loans are designed around addressing an immediate financial need or emergency. This could be an unexpected medical bill, a broken down car or an urgent boiler repair, etc. The loan amount range is usually up to $1,000 and the term can range from under 30 days for a payday style loan to monthly or weekly installments for an installment style loan.

How does CashLoansExpress work?

We provide an online marketplace connecting borrowers with trusted lenders to support Americans in need. Our website makes the process of finding a lender to meet your needs faster and easier! Avoid wasting hours of your time applying individually on several websites, and simply apply by submitting your information to our vast network of lenders through one easy application.

Will CashLoansExpress charge me for using its service?

There is no cost to fill out a form and submit your information through our website. As a marketplace, we simply connect you to a prospective lender and receive a commission. We do not receive any information that allows us to evaluate or compare offers from potential lenders. Please carefully review any offer you receive from a lender to make sure it meets your needs and you fully understand the terms before proceeding to take out a loan.

Why are you collecting my SSN and Bank Details?

Our marketplace of lenders use your SSN and bank details to help them make a decision about whether or not to extend you a loan offer. The bank details also help the lender that you are matched with, know where to send the money. Cash Loans Express uses the state of the art encryption technology to help keep your information safe. Additionally, lenders use the SSN to help ensure the identity of the applicant is really the person submitting the application for credit

How do I know if a lender will review my application?

After you submit your information quickly, lenders will review it to determine if they would like to offer you a loan. If your criteria meets a lender in our marketplace, you will be transferred to the lender’s website. If the lender makes you a loan offer, you will have an opportunity to review and approve the terms and conditions of your loan offer.

How quickly will the funds be deposited?

If a lender offers you a loan with terms and you accept straight away, it is possible to get the money deposited into your account with 1-2 business days. It can take up to a few days if you are accepting a loan offer on a weekend, holiday, or any other non-business day. It may affect how long it will take for you to get your money; in these cases, it may take a bit longer.

Can I get a loan with poor credit?

Qualifying with a short-term lender can be easy and they are used to working with people in many different situations. Here are the basic qualifications: Currently employed or receiving regular income:

  • Make at least $800 per month
  • 18 years of age or older and a U.S. resident
  • Have an active checking account
  • Other requirements may apply based on the individual lender

Can I qualify for a loan on benefits?

Some lenders accept social security, pension, disability, or other kinds of benefits, as qualifying income. If you receive at least $800 a month as well as meet other lender requirements, you may be able to get a loan offer. Other conditions may apply and will vary from lender to lender.

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